Reliance Jio and global tech leaders come together to push Open Source in India

The India Digital Open Summit which will be held tomorrow at the Reliance Corporate Park campus in Navi Mumbai -is a must-attend event for industry leaders, policymakers, technologists, academia, and developer communities working towards India’s digital leadership through Open Source

Global industry leaders are getting together at India Digital Open Summit 2018

Open source is being embraced by leading organizations globally, not only due to its cost advantage but to leverage the development advantages open source communities offer. Reliance Jio is hosting the ‘India Digital Open Summit 2018’ on January 19 at

Aruna Sundararajan to speak at India Digital Open Summit 2018

Aruna Sundararajan, secretary, Dept of Telecom, and Chairperson, Telecom Commission who recently announced the completion of phase 1 of National Optic Fiber Network, re-christened as BharatNet, will be speaking at India Digital Open Summit 2018. She  also informed that with

Getting Sharper on Security

By : CMR Analyst

The security threat vectors have certainly erupted both in numbers and complexity, with ever-expanding landscape of ransomware attacks and high-profile data breaches. This is all thanks to the rise of multiple digital communication channels like social media and mobile, and

ABI India launches for women students in small towns

By : CIOL Writers

Anita Borg Institute(ABI) India, a nonprofit organization focused on women advancement in the field of computing and technology has launched 2017 for women students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) from smaller cities across India. The initiative is

C-CHANGE 2017: Taking the guess work out of VDI

By : CIOL Writers

Santosh Pandey, Director GM, Dell Cloud Client Computing As the need arises to go small and do big out of technology, VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) can play a crucial role in curtailing cost and saving time. The changing digital era

C-CHANGE 2017: Breaking silos for effective digital transformation

By : CIOL Writers

Digital transformation is the buzz word these days. Notably, it isn’t a necessity anymore, it’s inevitable. However, it’s not just the technology, but how you are rethinking and reinventing your business with technology, that counts. And to make the process

Connecting leaders across the world for internet inclusion

The intent of this event is to provide a platform for a deeper dive into challenges, barriers, and opportunities to hasten efforts to connect the unconnected within the local context and perspective IEEE hosted an event in New Delhi which

Part 2: The road ahead for banking sector

The emergence of disruptive new fintech startups, new govt. schemes and policies for banking the unbanked, the RBI issuing differentiated licenses for payments banks, etc. have opened a floodgate of new opportunities for both the new and traditional players in

Part 1: The road ahead for banking sector

The Indian banking sector is witnessing a dramatic change and disruptive innovation beyond traditional banking as we know it today. This is a result of a mix of events, like the emergence of disruptive new fintech startups, new govt. schemes

A roundtable on ‘ICT accessibility for disabled’ to be held in Bangalore on July 1

BANGALORE, INDIA: To sensitize companies about the importance of ICT accessibility for ensuring independent life for people with disabilities, the Department of People with Disability (DEPwD) along with the National Centre for Promotion of Employment for Disabled People (NCPEDP) is

Key takeaways from Growth Forum 2016

By : CIOL Writers

Veni Bansal NEW DELHI, INDIA: Growth Forum 2016, the annual event organized by Cybermedia, Sify, and PC Quest saw a congregation of renowned international speakers, investors, founders and award winning serial entrepreneurs sharing their ideas with young startups on how

Apple’s iOS 10 is set to make your device much smarter

By : CIOL Writers

Apple is calling it its biggest release ever. No doubt, the anticipation for Apple’s iOS 10 is palpable. At the annual WWDC 2016 conference, Apple unveiled the new features and improvements that are coming to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Voice&Data to hold an interactive workshop on telecom expenses management with TEMIF

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Voice&Data along with TEMIF (Telecom Expense Management India Forum) will hold an interactive workshop on Telecom Expenses Management (TEM) in Delhi on July 8, 2016 . The objective is to create a platform to share global best

Mother’s Day campaigns we love

By : CIOL Writers

Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing – Ricki Lake She is your one man orchestra- Mother, Teacher, Friend, Philosopher, Mentor. She does all it takes to make you feel secured, loved and happy. There cannot be and

Mother of your kid gets more gifts than your own Mom!

By : CIOL Writers

Yes, I am a mother and I am expecting some beautiful gift today, of course not from my toddler but from her dad. And this survey seems to have boosted my expectations sky-high. According to a survey by retail site

Roundtable for IT leader on riding the Digital Juggernaut

By : Sidharth Shekhar

Speaking at the 13th Annual CIOL C-Change award roundtable Jayesh Ghatge, Market Partner, ThoughtWorks India, highlighted the five pillars for digital growth: Economy, Social, Tech, Institutions and Environment.    Tech mega trends 3D printing is going to be big and

Key ingredients for a successful digital transformation

By : Sidharth Shekhar

In the year 1900 Lord Kelvin said that there is nothing new to be discovered in physics now, All that remains is more and more precise measurement. Later Max Plank and Albert Einstein shaped the 21st century and redefined physics.

What Organizations Should Do to Thrive in the Digital Economy

CIOL’s annual CIO leadership forum kicked off in Hyderabad with inspiring sessions by industry leaders, innovation gurus, and entrepreneurs, each giving a different perspective on how organizations should go digital. Here’s a summary of insights gained. By Anil Chopra C-Change

Thriving in the New Digitally Competitive Age

By : Sidharth Shekhar

The velocity of technology has changed rapidly. The world is more volatile, complex and ambiguous thanks to technology. It is unlocking a number of opportunities for companies and digital transformation is the key to success. Delivering his keynote presentation at