Another lawsuit filed against Uber by Hailo Technologies

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While Uber is already battling a case filed by Google’s Waymo for stealing 14k documents, here comes another lawsuit from a company named Hailo Technologies which has sued Uber over alleged infringement of U.S. Patent 5,973,619, that covers an “automated vehicle dispatch

Nokia to make a comeback to India by June

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HMD Global that now owns the license for the ‘Nokia’ brand, is all set to launch its phones in the Indian market this June. Reportedly, the company that recently launched a re-designed Nokia 3310 along with Nokia 6, 5 and

HCL Technologies to acquire US-based mortgage BPO provider Urban Fulfillment Services

HCL Technologies (HCL) is acquiring US-based mortgage business process and fulfilment services provider, Urban Fulfillment Services (UFS). HCL will be acquiring 100 per cent stake in UFS. The total cash consideration for this transaction is up to $30 million, including

Andhra Pradesh resorts to technology to protect residents from lightning strikes

VIJAYAWADA, INDIA: More than 1,600 citizens died due to extreme weather conditions throughout India in 2016 alone, with flooding and lightning claiming the second highest percentage of weather-related deaths. To protect citizens’ lives from lightning strikes, Andhra Pradesh has selected the Earth

Apple launches Live Photos feature for the web

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Back in 2015, Apple first introduced its fun Live Photos with iPhone 6 series and since then people have been eagerly waiting for its Web launch. Though, Tumblr was the first one to introduce Live Photos on to its website last

Beware! Group admins on WhatsApp or Facebook could be jailed for sharing fake news

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If you are a group admin on WhatsApp or Facebook, you better be careful, because now it’s officially a criminal offence to spread rumours on social media. Offensive posts—such as rumours, fake news, morphed photographs and videos with fabricated narratives—circulated through

Snap acquires Mobli’s ‘Geofilters’ patent for $7.7 million

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Snapchat’s parent company, Snap has reportedly acquired Mobli’s ‘Geofilters’ patent for $7.7 million. Mobli is photo-sharing network, which also happens to be Instagram’s rival. Citing sources and a confidential email sent by Mobli, to its shareholders, TechCrunch report says that

SHRM India’s 3rd HR Tech Conference 2017 concludes successfully

HYDERABAD, INDIA: The 3rd edition of SHRM Tech’17 which concluded in Hyderabad yesterday laid the stage for developing an effective digital HR strategy and enhancing the intended goals of HR. Global trends like Artificial Intelligence and leveraging big data were deliberated upon

Microsoft makes adoption of hybrid cloud easy with new Azure migration tools

Organizations today are rapidly turning to the cloud to leverage the benefits such as increased agility and faster innovation. But the transition from on-premises to cloud requires careful planning. Cloud-first is no more restricted to cloud-only, since not all customers – especially

Airtel’s ‘Baahubali’ plan to take on RJio

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While Reliance Jio is resorting to unending offers to lure customers to its network, arch rival Airtel has devised a new ‘Baahubali’ plan to prove its mettle in the telecom industry. Bharti Airtel has partnered with ‘Baahubali 2 – The

RJio vs Airtel: Who’s the fastest?

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The battle of telecom titans is far from over. After engaging in tariff wars, the telecom majors- Airtel and Reliance Jio are now locking horns to proclaim their networks as the fastest. But looks like there are too many referees

Twitter is testing “suggested reading” module to display relevant tweets

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Twitter has been on different experimenting modes lately, all to increase its user base. After testing paid version of Tweetdeck, the micro-blogging site is now testing “suggested reading” module to display relevant tweets around real-life events and conversations in your timeline.

Google Home now recognizes up to six different voices

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Google Home has finally got the much-awaited multi-user support. This means the smart device can now distinguish between six different voices and reply with personalised responses. Up till now, you could only connect a single account to Google Home but with the

SHRM India HR Tech’17 kicks off in Hyderabad; unveils top 20 HR Influencers on Social Media

HYDERABAD, INDIA: The first day of the SHRM Tech ’17, which kicked off yesterday at Hyderabad saw two important launches. First one is a product called “Litmos by CallidusCloud”, aimed at creating a new category known as Learning Automation. Litmos will put learning at the

Facebook’s secretive Building 8 is working on brain-computer interface

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Following in the footsteps of Tesla’s Elon Musk, who aims to connect your brain with a computer, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Facebook’s Building 8 – a secretive research lab which was launched last year – is building a brain-computer interface that

SAP Startup Studio onboards 16 new startups to its accelerator program

BANGALORE, INDIA: A new batch of 16 startups working on technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Machine Learning and IoT across various business functions will join the SAP Startup Studio accelerator program at SAP Labs India campus in Bangalore. The initial 75-seater incubator will

Facebook announces second generation of its Surround 360 video camera

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Mark Zuckerberg has been unequivocal about his company’s VR push. Marking Facebook’s deeper dive into the VR technology, the social network announced the second generation of its Surround 360 video camera design at F8 conference yesterday. The new camera is shaped

More than 160 tech companies file brief against Donald Trump’s latest immigration ban

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Its 162 tech firms against Donald Trump. Tech titans like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, Snap and 150 other tech companies have filed an amicus brief in support of a lawsuit challenging the revised immigration order issued in March. The

Microsoft retiring Wunderlist in favor of its new app, To-Do

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Microsoft would soon be shutting down popular to-do list app, Wunderlist that it acquired two years ago. The company has announced a new application “To-Do”, built by the same team that’s behind Wunderlist and which would eventually replace Wunderlist: “Once we

Accenture Labs and Akshaya Patra collaborate to make mid-day meal program more efficient

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Accenture and Akshaya Patra, the world’s largest NGO-run Mid-Day Meal Program, collaborated on an innovative project that used disruptive technologies to exponentially increase the number of meals served to children in schools in India that are run and aided by