Government owes Rs 5,000 crore in contract payments to IT services companies

MUMBAI, INDIA: Industry body NASSCOM has expressed concern over the pending dues to the IT services firms, by various government organizations. According to NASSCOM, various government departments owe about Rs 5,000 crore in contract payments to IT services companies. Large

Using cloud for brain injury research

BANGALORE, INDIA: Hitachi Data Systems Corporation (HDS) has signed a research collaboration agreement (RCA) with Universiti

PC mkt for Q3 in APAC gets dismal

MUMBAI, INDIA: PC shipments in EMEA totaled 20 million units in the third quarter of 2015,

Modern Offices! Where did the furniture go?

Pratima H MUMBAI, INDIA: Just when the sand settled after BYOD storms, the world seems to

India start-up creates record, gets pre-orders worth $500,000

KOCHI, INDIA: Kerala-based start-up Exploride has raised more than $500,000 in pre-orders within 40 days of

Some apps missing from the App Store

MUMBAI, INDIA: Apple yesterday said that it has removed some applications from its App Store. However,

UAE Exchange injects TMS with new IT

MUMBAI, INDIA: UAE Exchange, a remittance, foreign exchange and payment solutions brand, has tied up with

Woodland walks away from in-house systems

MUMBAI, INDIA:  Woodland has selected SAP to manage its brand portfolio, to boost its planning, manufacturing, warehousing,

An infograph on why is network visibility important for the government

“As the Government is progressively moving towards transforming India into digital economy, millions of devices are

Google, Yahoo, Bing must stop pre-natal test ads

NEW DELHI, INDIA: In a bid to fight increasing menace of female infanticide, the Center has

How will the EU ruling on data flow impact India?

MUMBAI, INDIA: The landmark judgement from the European Court of Justice declaring invalid, the Safe Harbor

Norton offers money back guarantee on new product

MUMBAI, INDIA: Norton, the consumer brand of enterprise security solutions provider Symantec, is offering money back

San Francisco to upgrade financial management system

MUMBAI, INDIA: The city and county of San Francisco is implementing a new financial management system

The Snowden impact, court prohibits transfer of personal data from Europe to the US

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MUMBAI, INDIA: American companies including Microsoft, Facebook and Google who set up massive data centers in

A look at the 10 most important areas of focus at Microsoft

MUMBAI, INDIA: There is a shift in Microsoft strategy. As Microsoft debuts new strategies to announce

A start-up to propel Apple’s AI synergies

MUMBAI, INDIA: Apple has acquired Perceptio, a start-up that develops technology to allow companies to run

Decoding Amazon’s HR dilemma

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Sonal Desai MUMBAI, INDIA: Could Amazon which is normally is in news for its business strategy

Contrail from Juniper in AT&T’s AIC

INDIA: Juniper Networks announced that AT&T has selected Juniper Networks Contrail Networking to provide software-defined networking

WR’s Ailan showing RoI to advertisers

MUMBAI, INDIA: Ailan—the in-train public announcement (PA) system in Western Railway (WR), is turning out to

Now cyber criminals targeting border disputes and diplomatic affairs in India

MUMBAI, INDIA: India is fast becoming a strategic target for cyber criminals. According to experts, the