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Pratima H INDIA: Ad-free Super Bowl, Instant Pickles, A Lazy Super-Man, Bespoke Spouses, Untangled Wires, Shallow

Why buying Ola makes sense for RJio

Faisal Kawoosa RJio is not just gearing up to project itself as another telecom operator in the market. It is rather reinforcing itself as the hub of the Indian digital and connected economy. It is certainly taking the centre stage

Should SMBs in India be wary of Trojan-emails?

MUMBAI, INDIA: Attackers have been spreading two families of remote access Trojans (RATs) to small businesses in India, the UK, and US since the start of 2015. The attackers have been targeting employees responsible for accounts and fund transfers in order

How high can spectrum prices be?

INDIA:  Spectrum’s greatest value does not come from high sales prices, but rather from its use to expand social and economic opportunity for all India’s citizens. In 2014 alone, the mobile industry contributed 6.1 per cent to India’s GDP3, John

Cloud Email, on its way

MUMBAI, INDIA: A recent study by Gartner finds that 8.5 per cent of public companies in a sample use cloud email from Microsoft’s Office 365 service, while 4.7 per cent use Google Apps for Work. The remaining 87 per cent

Saying Skadoosh to Vendor Lock-In

By Naveen Gurusiddaiah INDIA: The popularity of open source has been spreading like wild fire in the corporate world. The ‘free’ nature of open source helps enterprises to build their system at a lower cost. Though open source makes good economic

Office 365 enterprise plan integrates analytics, collaboration capabilities

BANGALORE, INDIA: Microsoft has announced the availability of new analytics, security and collaboration capabilities in Office 365 enterprise plan E5. Priced at $35 per user per month, the new Office 365 E5 plan is designed to modernize voice, video, and

Lots of CDOs, and lots of hurdles

MUMBAI, INDIA: Gartner is predicting that 90 per cent of large companies will have a CDO role by the end of 2019. Why? The race to drive competitive advantage and improved efficiency through better use of information assets is leading

Digital Culture Shock, from the lens of Accenture

INDIA: An Accenture report highlights how companies can often feel overwhelmed by the pace of technology change, experiencing “digital culture shock” at the prospect of keeping up with the competition. As technology advancements accelerate at an unprecedented rate – dramatically

Banks and Money-transfer operators may be slipping here

MUMBAI, INDIA: A survey finds that a large majority of respondents (82 per cent) using services currently offered by existing players such as money transfer operators (MTOs) and banks, are dissatisfied and that 83 per cent of respondents in developed

IT Spends for 2016: 0.6 pc up, and how?

MUMBAI, INDIA: IT spending on a global level is forecast to total $3.54 trillion dollars in 2016, just a 0.6 per cent increase over 2015 spending of $3.52 trillion dollars. As Gartner, Inc. notes, 2015 saw the largest U.S. dollar

Tatarinov is new Citrix CEO

USA: Citrix has announced that Kirill Tatarinov has been appointed President and CEO, effective January 25, 2016. Tatarinov will also join the Citrix Board as a director at that time. Interim President and CEO Robert Calderoni continues his role as

ManageEngine brings cloud edition of its MDM solution

CHENNAI, INDIA: ManageEngine announced the availability of the cloud edition of its mobile device management (MDM) software solution Mobile Device Manager Plus. The move gives IT administrators an on-demand service they can easily adopt and scale to manage their organizations’

Hitachi claims significant datacenter footprint reduction with new all-flash array

BANGALORE, INDIA:  Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) announced an all-flash array, Hitachi Flash Storage (HFS) A series– ideal for customers seeking optimized solutions for a particular set of use cases like virtual desktop, virtual server real-time analytics and database environments. Available

Le devices in India will offer 1yr subscription to ErosNow

BANGALORE, INDIA: ErosNow’s extensive repository of Bollywood films, music and Originals will now be integrated into the user interface of Le devices purchased in India. The digital OTT player has signed a strategic business alliance with  LeEco, for their flagship smartphones,

PC market in step with Windows 10

MUMBAI, INDIA: Businesses may adopt Windows 10 earlier and boost the PC market in 2017. The global PC shipment market is expected to total 287 million units in 2016, a decline of one per cent year over year, but on pace

Major political and economic events are hot favorites of cyber snoopers!

BANGALORE, INDIA: Significant events, like the World Economic Forum, such as the upcoming World Economic Forum in Davos which serve as a hub for important conversations and attract high-profile visitors from all over the world-also attracts malicious cyber-espionage groups and

Advanced Analytics Mkt at a 26 pc clip 2016 onwards

BANGALORE, INDIA: Advanced analytics is being predicted to be the top most investment priority for CIOs in the upcoming years. The adoption and usage of advanced analytics solutions will have a major impact on executive decision-making as a result of inferences drawn from the

Start-Up India: Industry Starts reacting

NEW DELHI, INDIA: PM Narendra Modi has caught the industry’s attention and some bit of applause again with the recent announcements on bolstering start-up momentum in India. Radically new policies and initiatives have made their way in like a big corpus of

Black Markets and Red Flags for IoT

MUMBAI, INDIA: Even as we are making projections and guesstimates on how soon and how big IoT will impact the world, there are security flags popping up. By 2020, a black market exceeding $five billion can exist to sell fake