UAE Exchange injects TMS with new IT

MUMBAI, INDIA: UAE Exchange, a remittance, foreign exchange and payment solutions brand, has tied up with

Woodland walks away from in-house systems

MUMBAI, INDIA:  Woodland has selected SAP to manage its brand portfolio, to boost its planning, manufacturing, warehousing,

An infograph on why is network visibility important for the government

“As the Government is progressively moving towards transforming India into digital economy, millions of devices are expected to access government networks within a few years, and applications will need to perform exponentially for government services to deliver on their promise.

Google, Yahoo, Bing must stop pre-natal test ads

NEW DELHI, INDIA: In a bid to fight increasing menace of female infanticide, the Center has urged the Supreme Court to direct search websites to withdraw and stop advertisements determining sex tests. The initiative is a part from the Center

How will the EU ruling on data flow impact India?

MUMBAI, INDIA: The landmark judgement from the European Court of Justice declaring invalid, the Safe Harbor Framework that has streamlined the transfer of personal data from Europe to the US since 2000, has received mixed response from the Indian diaspora.

Norton offers money back guarantee on new product

MUMBAI, INDIA: Norton, the consumer brand of enterprise security solutions provider Symantec, is offering money back guarantee on its new product, Norton Security. Norton Security is a single service that protects PCs and Macs, as well as Android smart phones

San Francisco to upgrade financial management system

MUMBAI, INDIA: The city and county of San Francisco is implementing a new financial management system (FMS). The upgrade will help San Franscisco to strengthen its financial health, foster investment and innovation. The FMS will be built on customized Accenture

The Snowden impact, court prohibits transfer of personal data from Europe to the US

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MUMBAI, INDIA: American companies including Microsoft, Facebook and Google who set up massive data centers in Europe, have hit a panic button. The reason being a landmark judgement from the European Court of Justice has declared the Safe Harbor Framework

A look at the 10 most important areas of focus at Microsoft

MUMBAI, INDIA: There is a shift in Microsoft strategy. As Microsoft debuts new strategies to announce new releases, the software major is focused more on the smaller form factors, namely smart phones and tablets among the 10 most important areas

A start-up to propel Apple’s AI synergies

MUMBAI, INDIA: Apple has acquired Perceptio, a start-up that develops technology to allow companies to run artificial intelligence systems on smart phones without needing to share as much user data. No financial details of the deal have been disclosed. In

Decoding Amazon’s HR dilemma

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Sonal Desai MUMBAI, INDIA: Could Amazon which is normally is in news for its business strategy and case studies about turn-around-time (TAT) strategies, have avoided bad press? The e-commerce giant recent got a jolt when the New York Times printed

Contrail from Juniper in AT&T’s AIC

INDIA: Juniper Networks announced that AT&T has selected Juniper Networks Contrail Networking to provide software-defined networking capabilities in its AT&T Integrated Cloud (AIC) infrastructure. As part of the AIC, a foundational element of the company’s software-centric network, AT&T will use

WR’s Ailan showing RoI to advertisers

MUMBAI, INDIA: Ailan—the in-train public announcement (PA) system in Western Railway (WR), is turning out to be a marketer’s delight. The PA is showing RoI to the advertisers. With over 3.5 million commuters traveling in the local trains on the

Now cyber criminals targeting border disputes and diplomatic affairs in India

MUMBAI, INDIA: India is fast becoming a strategic target for cyber criminals. According to experts, the WATERMAIN campaign comprising cyber criminals is targeting on-going border disputes and other diplomatic matters in India. Geopolitical tensions in the region have steadily ratcheted

Google, Yahoo, Facebook shown the door

MUMBAI, INDIA: Responding to constant complaints by mobile customers regards constant distraction due to pop-up ads; a telecom network operator has taken a bold step, and has shown giants such as Google, Facebook and Yahoo, the door. In a mobile

Why did HCL Technologies witness a record fall at the stock exchange?

MUMBAI, INDIA: HCL Technologies shares plunged 15 per cent to Rs 834.85 on Thursday in its biggest one-day fall since January 7, 2009. Sadly, HCL Tech, India’s fourth largest outsourcer, was the worst performer in the 50-share blue chip Nifty

Apple India targets 12 lakh devices for OND

MUMBAI, INDIA: Apple, which sold approximately 12 lakh devices in India in the previous financial year, has set a steep target for the OND quarter this year. Apple India has set a full year target of 35 lakh devices, a

New research on LTE applications from the IIT Bombay stable

MUMBAI, INDIA: Azimuth Systems, a provider of automated, real-world mobile performance test solutions recently announced that the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay has selected the Azimuth ACE channel emulator for its advanced research on LTE applications. The institute selected

Karnataka Bank achieves agility in daily banking using HDS solution

BANGALORE, INDIA: Studies suggest that more than 40pc of customers are logging on through mobile devices now rather than going into the branch. As the market evolves rapidly, the banks have also felt the needs to become more agile to

What makes Ankit Fadia the face of ‘Digital India’?

NEW DELHI, INDIA: The government finally gave a clarification that four Digital India Brand Ambassadors were nominated as part of the Digital India week (July 1-7, 2015) and yes, Ankit Fadia is one of them. The other persons nominated for