Will Union Budget meet the expectations from different industries?

BANGALORE, INDIA: Union Budget has wide expectations from different industries. Lets see what are the different expectations from the experts of different industries. Microsoft India, chairman Bhaskar Pramanik’s expectations from the Union Budget 2015, are: “Over the past nine months,

Informatica and Cisco bring data warehouse optimization solution on Hadoop

BANGALORE, INDIA: Informatica announced a joint Data Warehouse Optimization solution with Cisco for the organizations looking to modernize data management and fuel new business insights. Combining Informatica and Cisco technologies with Hadoop, the new Data Warehouse Optimization solution enables customers

The ‘Poodle’ continues to bite

MUMBAI, INDIA: A new study by Greyhound Research shows that Poodle attack, which claimed its first victim in October 2014, has managed to cross the cloud barrier, and has penetrated cloud security SSL VPNs. The latest to fall victim to

Fresh attack at Ramnit botnet from Europol and Symantec

INDIA: In a latest update, a law enforcement operation led by Europol, with assistance from Symantec,

Google Glass or Hololens, There’s many a slip (Part 2)

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Pratima H INDIA: So, in the first part of the story, we tackled why and how

Google Glass or Hololens, There’s many a slip

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Pratima H INDIA: From the proverbial apple tree to its jam on the table, laws of

Stay tuned to CIOL for live updates and analysis of the budget

BANGALORE, INDIA: There is a high expectation of the tech industry from the union budget 2015.

Oscar winner Interstellar’s black hole had an Indian inside it

MUMBAI, INDIA: We know who went home from the red carpet walking happy with the Academy

Eka brings commodity analytics solution

BANGALORE, INDIA: Eka Software Solutions announces the general availability of commodity analytics solution, InSight CM – SMART

Amdocs brings service to streamline order entry process

BANGALORE, INDIA: Amdocs announced the launch of its Order Gateway service to streamline and unify the

Surat city police will use face recognition technology to control criminal activities

NEW DELHI,  INDIA: As an important step forward in Surat’s safe city initiative, Surat City Police

Tech Innings in Cricket: It all started with IPL

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Pratima H MUMBAI, INDIA: CRICKET is in the air, and you can literally smell it hanging

How can IT sector benefit from Union Budget FY’2016?

Thomas George The last successful and winning formulas are always the most preferred method to ensure

Ugam boosts productivity and cuts costs with Rackspace

Bangalore, INDIA: Rackspace has announced Ugam, a provider in managed analytics, is using Rackspace Managed Cloud

Atos all set to toy with SDDC

INDIA: Atos has launched its Digital Data Center services that as claimed –  enable clients to stay

B2B platform in Walmart India’s e-commerce aisle

MUMBAI, INDIA: Walmart India has announced the launch of B2B e-commerce platform for all its members

BT and Scala will help retailers elevate in-store experience

NEW DELHI, INDIA: BT and Scala announced they will work together on a global scale to

How much comes out from mktg wallet for social media spends? Mostly 15 pc!

BANGALORE, INDIA: Companies and brands have significantly increased their social media spends even as they find

NCDEX on new servers now

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Dell announced that it has successfully deployed Dell PowerEdge Servers for National Commodities

Three Things About 4K

Pratima H MUMBAI, INDIA: In a quick interview, Ramki Sankaranarayanan, founder and CEO, Prime Focus Technologies,