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IT startup to get non-stop traffic to your site

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Bangalore-based 'SearchEnabler' has developed a tool that enables websites to improve their presence in search engines

SEO platform SearchEnablerBANGALORE, INDIA: Let's suppose that you are owning a website for your business, but no one is visiting it even after you took all possible efforts to 'woo' them. What is the point?

Well, owning and running a website is no Herculean task, but to drive page traffic into it is. Be it a startup, SME or large enterprise, it is imperative – in this era of IT revolution – to have an online presence, not just to 'tell' the world about your product or service, but to market it, too. Since the lion's share of page traffic comes through search engines, you cannot afford to leave any stone unturned to make your website SEO-friendly. Or else, your competitor will 'run away' with your potential customers and ultimately, you will disappear into oblivion.

Here is where 'SearchEnabler' comes into picture. As the name indicates, this tool helps you enable your websites improve presence in search engines. 

“Traditionally SEO is managed as a passive or one-time activity, and it is hardly utilized by start-ups, SMEs as channel for marketing. Our tools SearchEnabler intends to make SEO an easy-to-manage and ongoing marketing activity for small businesses.” explains Khadim Batti, co-founder, SearchEnabler.com.

“SEO market is fragmented and is laden with inefficiency and seeking disruption. This is where SearchEnabler wants to play a crucial role by introducing technology and providing solution on the cloud based on SaaS model,” adds Batti, who co-founded the company with Vara Kumar.

How it works? 

One needs to identify the factors that are affecting the search, so that it improves the ranking and visibility. The user needs to provide initial information like site URLs, target keywords and competitors, after which SearchEnabler takes over and provides errors, recommendations and comparative analysis for him to implement and improve ranking/traffic via search engines. It also keeps a track of the changes happening with regards to the search, and updates the user of any new errors and recommendations on a weekly basis.

“By putting SEO on the cloud and performing all heavy-lifting activities in our servers, SearchEnabler hides complexity and makes implementation of SEO simpler, brings affordability and visibility via measurable results.”

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The company, which targets the startups and SMEs across the globe with this product, also helps a website localize the search and track progress.

“All SEO aspects are covered with the simplified 3-phase approach of P.O.T (plan, optimize and track) to strategize, execute and report SEO campaigns. With our tool in place, you can optimize for target geography and analyze your websites and that of your competitors' on localization signals, and measure progress in your country's Google search engine,” Batti points out.

As an enterprise, you can check your SEO score in dashboard and compare with top ranking URLs for each target keyword. You can also monitor your keyword ranks for Google, Bing and the local Google search engine and keep a track of all keywords that are driving traffic.

The company's customers are spread across the globe, 50 per cent of which are in India. “As of now, we are still in the beta version and are targeting only small companies, as it can support the websites that have got only 1,000 pages. We are planning to upgrade it in the near future and hit the market as soon as possible,” concludes Batti.

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