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From D-Link is a range of broadband products for Indian market with which D-Link is all set to spearhead the second Internet revolution.

Features: The DSL-502T is an ADSL Router (Broadband modem + router) designed for the Indian market. The newly launched broadband services are compatible with the ADSL2+ standard and the D-Link ADSL2+ router DSL-502T is at the top of the list of compatible CPE equipment for broadband users, which is the first ADSL2+ router tested and approved by major Indian ISPs for mass deployment.

Also launched is DSL-502G, which is a newly designed external ADSL Router that provides the convenience of both a USB and Ethernet interface. The DSL-502G can also be connected to an Ethernet switch to allow more computers to share the Internet connection.

The DSL-504G connects to an Ethernet LAN via a standard Ethernet 10BASE-T interface using RJ-45 connectors. This arrangement allows several computers to be networked and connected to the Internet using a single WAN interface and IP address.

DSL-514 - ADSL router with built-in 4-port switch is designed for home and the small office users, this device incorporates a built-in ADSL interface, cost-saving Internet functions and network protection for users from Internet intruders.

The DSL-G604T - Wireless ADSL router with Built-in 802.11g Wireless LAN & 4-port switch is an ADSL router designed for office use. The product features wireless capabilities, Ethernet switch capabilities and advanced router functions.

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