'Woozy Numbat' released!

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'Woozy Numbat' released!

The latest version of Linux kernel comes with CIFS update and a new DVB frontend driver.

NEW DELHI: Creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds has recently announced the release of Linux kernel 2.6.10.

Coined as 'Woozy Numbat', this version incorporates a whole lot of changes and fixes to the operating system.

According to an email by Torvalds, "This release has a lot of small fixes since 2.6.10-rc3, with the biggest thing being probably the CIFS [Common Internet File System] update and the switch-over to the new DVB frontend driver world order."

The first version of kernel 2.6 was released late last year and is now part of several commercial Linux distributions, like SuSe Linux from Novell.

The kernel can be downloaded freely from the Linux Kernel Archives site.

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