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UNIX programming: The first drive

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From basic to advance this book gives you the knowledge of important sections with step by step procedures

BANGALORE, INDIA: The author of this book addresses the fundamentals of UNIX system, commands, shell scripts, internals, sockets and device drivers focuses on the important elements of maintaining a small, medium or large network of UNIX systems.

If we look into the structure of this book, we can see that the first section of the book deals with shell commands, the second section works with the shell scripting, where it tells you how you can use it for administration tasks. The middle part or the third and the fourth section is all about Unix internals  and inter- process communications, which describe about file and directory maintenance, processes and signals and how you can work with them in an efficient manner.

The fifth section of this book provides concept of sockets that is the communication API.  And the last section of this book highlights UNIX device drivers and gives trivial explanations of I/O operation from user perspective.

Book details: 

Authors: A  S Murty
Price: Rs 299/-
Pages : 313
Distributor: Wiley India Pvt. Ltd, Ph: 011- 43630029
Email: csupport@wileyindia.com

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