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The trend from UNIX to Linux in SAP data centers

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BANGALORE, INDIA: In roughly the last two years of Linux migrations with REALTECH, the percentage of UNIX as migration source has risen to 68.2 percent, or expressed differently, more than two out of three SAP migrations to Linux come from UNIX. The percentage of discontinued UNIX flavors (Tru64, Reliant) has dropped to roughly 5 pecent. The UNIX flavors now suffering the greatest losses are HP-UX (40.9 percent) and AIX (18.2 percent). The average Linux migration customer gets bigger in size, revenue, and number of employees, and comes from industries with increasingly more businesscritical applications.

A significant portion of REALTECH’s Linux migration customers has even run mainframe systems for several years. In the database sector, Oracle has recovered from its previous loss in market share in migrations to Linux and is gaining market share on Linux at roughly the same pace as MaxDB (+13.6 percent). The average size of databases migrated to Linux increases significantly every year, and in absolute size the TB limit has been crossed long since. The absolute number of migrations to Linux has almost doubled from the first statistical evaluation period (2001 – 09/2005) to the second one (10/2005 – 03/2008). There is no doubt that the movement towards Linux in SAP data centers is gaining momentum strongly and fast.

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