Doctors to get patient data on Google Glass

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Drchrono has built a new app for Google Glasses, to enable doctors and physicians store and access patient data easily

BANGALORE, INDIA: Drchrono, a California based based mobile electronic health record company has developed a new application for the Google Glass, which will allow doctors to store and access patient data easily.

"Enter Google Glass. As a companion to the tablet, imagine being able to chart, take photos, and see your patient's vitals without lifting a finger... And that's just the beginning," said the company in its blog post, and invited doctors and users for beta test.

Reporting the news first, Reuters explained how the application works. With the patients' consent, doctors can use the app to record a consultation or surgery. Videos, photos and notes are stored in the patient's electronic medical record or cloud storage and can be shared with the patient on request.

Doctors who have Google Glass already, can register for the application to experience it first-hand.

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