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Broadcom showcases innovations for IoT, Ultra HD, HEVC, 5G WiFi, connected car @ 2014 CES

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Delivers range of engineering innovation to connect everything

LAS VEGAS, USA: At the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Broadcom Corp. unveiled a range of mobile and home networking innovations to enhance and expand the delivery of HD content to consumers around the globe; enable more connections between consumer devices and smart appliances; and expand the 5G WiFi ecosystem.

"The breakthroughs we demonstrate at CES are driving disruptive innovation in the consumer electronics market today and many years into the future," Scott McGregor, Broadcom's president and CEO. "Broadcom's advanced communications technologies continue to inspire companies large and small in the creation and development of ground-breaking consumer electronic products."

At CES, Broadcom will showcase its advanced communications technology that delivers the speed, range and bandwidth requirements needed for today's digital and wearable lifestyle. All of these offerings demonstrate how Broadcom is providing the engineering innovation to support the evolving connected environment at home, work and on the go.

Broadcom's top CES announcements include:

* New Broadcom WICED SDK supports HD audio streaming over Wi-Fi -- extends Internet of Things platform to wireless audio market.
* Launches enhanced 5G WiFi video streaming for the Home -- amplifies quality of HD video streaming in routers, gateways, STBs, digital TVs and gaming platforms.
* Expands HEVC portfolio with entry-level satellite STB SoCs.
* Expands satellite device portfolio for operators
* Introduces cost-efficient routers with ADSL and VDSL2.

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