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NanoTech's UltraFlix IPTV/OTT 4K channel granted license

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SAN JOSE, USA: NanoTech Entertainment announced a worldwide distribution agreement with Epic Eye, the parent company of Moving Murals, a dynamic art solution.

Under the agreement, UltraFlix, NanoTech's streaming 4K Ultra HD service, has been granted 4K rights to distribute Moving Murals' current gallery of 500 murals captured at 4K resolution along with future releases from Moving Murals.

Offering imagery ranging from landscapes, cascading waterfalls and a starry night sky to urban scenes and abstract textures, Moving Murals brings the equivalent of an immersive, IMAX-like experience to homes, resorts, hotels, health/wellness facilities and businesses.

To create imagery that is constantly changing, Moving Murals uses time-lapse photography. Each mural is comprised of 6,000 or more photographs images captured at digital cinema 4K resolution which are "stitched" together and looped indefinitely.

UltraFlix will deliver its pristine 4K Ultra HD content on a variety of devices including NanoTech's Nuvola NP-1 and NP-C consumer and commercial 4K streaming media players, which come with UltraFlix pre-installed. Powered by the NVIDIA Tegra 4 for incredible graphics processing power, the Nuvola players stream the Moving Murals so users don't have to wait for downloads or use up their capacity storing large files.

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