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Vivid updates Real Boxing with controller support and new 'PunchTown' pack

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Vivid partners with MMA and boxing clothing brand PunchTown for new downloadable content

LONDON, UK: Independent developer Vivid Games announced the latest update to its hit title Real Boxing on iOS and Android. The new version introduces extended support for iOS7 controllers and Android gaming tablet Wikipad.

Vivid's collaboration with MMA and boxing clothing brand PunchTown means that players can also now enjoy a "PunchTown Pack" of downloadable content such as highly stylised boots, gloves, shorts and tattoos to enhance their fighter's appearance and performance.

Real Boxing's new compatibility with iOS 7 controllers and the Wikipad gaming tablet allows players to fight in multiple tournaments and real-world venues using analogue controls instead of touch screen.

In addition, a new and improved multiplayer function that enables players to easily locate more opponents in a shorter space of time delivers a heightened gaming experience. To mark the launch in time for the holiday season, Vivid has also added snow effects and ring girls in santa costumes to the game for a limited period to give things a special festive flair.

Real Boxing features an immersive Career Mode in which players compete in multiple tournaments staged in real-world venues in their quest to become World Champion. To compete for the title, players must take on over 30 opponents, each with their own unique fighting style. Players can also improve their boxer's core skills through a series of mini games including skipping rope, heavy bag and mini bag training drills.

Real Boxing now also includes a wager system that enables gamers to bet in-game currency on the outcome of their own fight and win more coins that can then be used to unlock new items and upgrades. Players are also able to use their virtual currency to buy lottery tickets that give them a chance of winning a temporary performance-enhancing boost in matches.

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