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Spectral acquires control of Monitr

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SEATTLE, USA: Spectral Capital Corp. announced it has completed the transaction to acquire majority control of Monitr, which includes all intellectual property and assets that the company has and will develop. Monitr is Spectral's third acquisition in nine months.

Monitr has been developing its technology for a number of years that integrates semantic processing, data analytics, real time search and machine learning into one platform. The platform will also have a social media component.

Through the complex network of algorithms and coding, Monitr's technology will seamlessly combine these very specialized systems to create an experience superior to current products on the market. The initial product will be marketed to the financial industry and is expected to launch in 2014.

The premise of Monitr's product development is not to change people's behavior in how they gather their financial information and knowledge, but to enhance and add value to the information they are viewing. As people use Monitr, they will be given added layers of knowledge and insight through its use of semantics, data analysis, real time data delivery and personalized learning technology. Additionally, users will be able to share information with other Monitr users.

Monitr will become an essential tool for those who have personal or professional interests in stock portfolio analysis, who want to research possible investment opportunities, to learn in depth competitive analysis and trends, and see breaking stories as they are emerging in real time. Additionally, with its social component, Monitr users will be able to share information with other people who have the same interests.

Jenifer Osterwalder, Spectral CEO said: "We are very pleased to have Monitr as a part of the growing list of specialized technology companies under the Spectral flag. The idea behind this technology is incredibly complex; however, we are very confident in the ability of the team to deliver. The diversity of knowledge and successful track record of the development team will bring this creative endeavor to life. We are looking forward to a long and successful relationship with Monitr."

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