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Take a 360 degree virtual tour to India on WoNoBo.com

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Offers 360-degree ‘walkthroughs' of streets across 12 major Indian cities and will soon be expanded to 54 cities soon

BANGALORE, INDIA: Genesys International Corporation announces the launch of WoNoBo.com. Users will be able to search, explore and share ‘points of interest' across the length and breadth of the country. At launch, the service will be available for 12 major Indian cities and will soon be expanded to 54 cities.

With WoNoBo.com, locations are no longer just pins on maps; users get full blown 360-degree views of destinations and much more. They can access, tag and review ‘points of interests' i.e. locations, hotels, retail outlets, monuments, parks, etc. and also view the interiors of several key locations, all powered by a database of millions of places.

WoNoBo.com also announces a tie-up with Incredible India, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, for the launch of Walking Tours, a unique and exciting product that will enable users to navigate and route their way through cities based on a number of interesting themes.

"The Ministry of Tourism is partnering with WoNoBo.com to create a Walking Tours platform, one of the first such initiatives to be undertaken in any country. We believe that this innovative and entertaining technology - aimed at making our most-visited cities extremely easy to walk or drive through - will add a completely new facility to our Incredible India campaign," said Parvez Dewan, secretary, Ministry of Tourism.

WoNoBo.com also enables users to illustrate, using 360-degree views, the colourful, chaotic, dramatic lives they lead in different corners of the country. It offers guides too, created by users as well as experts, showing locals where to eat, what to shop for, where to take your children while visiting and a lot more.

Sajid Malik, CMD, Genesys International, said, "Decades of global experience in the geospatial domain have enabled us to build India's first and most comprehensive navigation platform that also incorporates social media. We are confident that WoNoBo.com will be a major value creator for an entirely new ecosystem of businesses in the years to come."

"On the one hand, this new media service will provide an innovative dimension for users to share stories and build communities; on the other, it will provide local businesses a unique platform to offer a plethora of services," added he.

WoNoBo.com has mapped panoramic imagery of thousands of square kilometres and close to 10 million places of interest across the country and will continue to update the platform.

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