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Now, combine an image with music with Shuttersong app

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Shuttersong is the first app to effortlessly combine any image with voice, sound or music into single, shareable JPEG file

LONDON, UK: Shuttersong launches today, the first free mobile app that combines any digital image with up to 15 seconds of sound, forming a single, shareable, high-quality JPEG file.

Like still photography, Shuttersongs capture defining moments in time and, by adding voice, sound or music, they become multi-sensory, memorable and intuitively shareable creations.

The app is launching in the US, the UK and Germany and is available for free from the Apple App Store, with an Android version to follow soon.

The potential uses for Shuttersongs are limitless: capturing a toddler's giggle as she makes a funny face; sending selfies with a message; recording bands playing live or sporting moments. Alternatively, tap your creativity by adding music from your playlists or narration to existing photos from your library, Instagram or the Web.

Shuttersong founder and CEO, William Agush, said: "Shuttersong uniquely fills the white space between three exploding trends: shareable photography, short-form video and sound."

"Using patent-pending technology, we've accomplished what no-one else has been able to do: creating single JPEG files that combine high-quality photographic images with sound. The enthusiasm and creativity of our beta testing community has been amazing and the feedback from digital agencies and brands that see the potential for campaigns and user-generated content has been overwhelming," added Agush.

"The sheer power of meshing an image with sound is a digital marketer's dream, especially for brands that have an iconic spokesperson, jingle or tagline," said Tamsen Webster, senior vice president of content at brand agency Allen & Gerritsen.

"Shuttersong opens up a huge canvas of creativity for our clients' branding, marketing and social campaigns. In fact, we are actively including Shuttersong in the digital media plans for a number of brands this coming fall - so stay tuned," added Webster.

According to Shuttersong, creating and sharing Shuttersongs is so simple and intuitive that the app's interface uses no words at all. At launch, Shuttersongs can be shared on social networks and no app is required to view a Shuttersong - they can be viewed in any web browser.

Shuttersong's wordless user interface was conceived and designed by Carbone Smolan. The app was developed by Find & Form.

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Chad Fri Sep 27 at 11:53 PM

Wow, all I can express besides these frail words, is that I am drooling... Thank you Shuttersong

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