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Versium opens API access to unique behavioral data

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Developers and data scientists can now tap into Versium’s LifeData platform to access more than 300 billion behavioral consumer and business data attributes

REDMOND, USA: Versium, a data technology company that operates a LifeData services and analytics platform, opened its data resources to developers and data scientists, giving organizations access to the company's API.

Companies now have access to unique behavioral LifeData attributes (data that is created as consumers interact in their daily lives) and the company's derivative predictive scores.

Versium Analytics API enables programmatic use of Versium's Data and Modeling services through a simple, JSON or XML based RESTful API. Opening API's into the LifeData platform enables organizations to leverage Versium's powerful matching algorithms and the company's patent pending identity verification and profiling technology, and allows third parties to efficiently create more intelligent data-driven applications.

The true power of Big Data is now realized as companies are able to easily create compelling solutions, based on ROI driven proprietary business cases. Whether it's applications that predict churn, potential fraud, or the building of a predictive shopper score - powerful unique data is now available to anyone with a creative data-driven solution.

"We created 411 Locate to help people find friends, family members, and even acquaintances they'd lost touch with over the years," said Jason Llorin, CEO of 411 Locate.

"We receive thousands of requests for people-centric data and property findings a day, and we pride ourselves in ranking amongst the best for these services, so we looked for a partner to provide us with the best tools possible. Access to Versium's LifeData and predictive analytics platform through their API has been integral in helping us easily access unique behavioral information and predictive intelligence in a fast, easy and presentable fashion."

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