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Marissa Mayer, bring Yahoo! Messenger public chat rooms back: Users

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Yahoo Messenger public chat rooms were discontinued on December 14, 2012

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Ever since Marissa Mayer took charge of Yahoo!, several changes were brought about in the multi-national Internet corporation. Yahoo! has acquired ten companies after Marissa Mayer was appointed as the CEO of the company in July 2012.

The full list includes: Stamped, OntheAir, Snip.it, Alike, Jybe, Summly, Astrid, GoPollGo, Milewise and Loki. These acquisitions, according to Mashable, are part of Mayer's three-step plan to bring top engineering talent back to Yahoo! in order to innovate on the product side, boost user engagement and eventually attract more advertising dollars.

Apart from acquisitions, Marissa Mayer took another decision, which doesn't seem to have gone down well will Yahoo! users. On December 14, 2012, all public chat rooms on Yahoo Messenger were shut down as part of a series of features being changed. ''We have decided to discontinue several Yahoo! product features. This will enable us to refocus our efforts on modernizing our core Yahoo! products experiences and of course, create new ones,'' Yahoo! had said in a web post.

Although some users agreed with the move as it put an end to 'spammers', 'hackers' and 'paedophiles', several others wrote to CIOL, on how Yahoo Messenger public chat rooms could be brought back with changes. They suggested that Yahoo Messenger public chat rooms should be made a paid service to eliminate mischief makers from the platform. ''Yahoo Chat Paid Service = No more bots and better security. Let's just pay for it. Require credit cards so that people that don't have one can't chat!'' says Sam on CIOL.

''I would pay every month to keep Yahoo chat! It's a good idea so that people that don't have a credit card (mostly the bad people), won't have access to it. Please YAHOO!!! Let us pay you guys monthly to bring the service back,'' says a CIOL reader Derreck who agrees with the above suggestion.

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However, another user says that credit cards too will not be able to stop hackers and paedophiles from logging in to the service. ''Your suggestion may be right when it comes to keeping a check on people without credit cards; however, that wouldn't stop paedophiles and S@# addicts from logging in (they could be desperate enough to pay to be able to chat with anyone online) But yes, I do agree that a lot of unwanted rubbish can be avoided by making the service paid. Sad that everything has to be made paid to keep a tab on things,'' says Shreya on CIOL.

That said, as of now, it does not seem like Yahoo! has any plans of bringing Yahoo Messenger public chat rooms back. Users are even criticising Marissa Mayer for taking this decision. ''This is a wrong move. They must try to weed out bad guys who were marketing porn website through yahoo public room. Yahoo public chat was a good platform where people could communicate without much struggle. Marissa Mayer is only thinking about bad side of it,'' says Geevar.

''I think it's a sad thing that Yahoo decided to do this to the very people that keep them so popular. I have stopped some things with Yahoo myself. But I'd love to see the chat rooms come back,'' says Alan on CIOL. ''Although the rooms were being used for the wrong reasons the system could have been fixed and/or monitored rather than completely removed. There's really no place like it and there's a black hole now in the Internet... Please bring back the Yahoo chat rooms :-('' says Elaine.

But, there are a few users who say ''I support CEO Marissa Mayer on discontinuing public chatrooms. I have seen the bad publicity that it has given this mega corporation. I know a lot of people lose out on chatting with friends, meeting new people. But you have to look at this from a business view which may be hard for some users. I personally have seen a considerable drop in the market last year. Its share fell to 12.8 per cent. I hope Yahoo! can bounce back and with Marissa Mayer I believe it is possible,'' says River.

After going through these messages, what do you have to say? Should Yahoo Messenger public chat rooms be brought back as a paid service? Or, do you agree with Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer on this move? Do let us know.

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Kuldeep singh Wed Apr 9 at 09:53 AM

Tik Tok Tik,Tok............hmm time is running out of u hand marrisa u have only 4 month left to bring back yahoo public chat room & yahoo services back on the right track . if u are not able to bring back to yahoo chat room and services back at the end of AUGUST u may left u job as yahoo CEO we Wont Accept u as yahoo CEO . Thats we all yahoo lovers Want Thats the Bottom Line From Kuldeep singh


arvind Wed Mar 26 at 08:32 AM

please open yahoo public chat room we are very upset and waiting yahoo will come I hope you will open yahoo chat room . some people are bad but you have million and millions people who sincerely use yahoo I hope you will open yahoo public chat room . otherwise we need to move other services becaouse we are waiting long time please give me update on my mail id


merohit27 Fri Mar 21 at 11:48 AM

ny honest decent matured fem wanna chat add me in yrs yahoo mesenger mine yahoo id is rohit_gupta278@yahoo.com make mine dream true pls


obiapuna Tue Mar 18 at 08:24 AM

I had never been to many chat rooms, and certainly never to the Yahoo chat room until now that i really need it. My Yahoo Email account has been locked for days now because of unauthorized poking (where is Edward Snowden) when we need him. I appreciate Yahoo's interference, but i am having very annoying difficulty accessing my account. I have called their customer care phone numbers - interminable queue, one guy hung up, the other fellow was to send me reset link. I didn't get it. While i am still waiting, i thought i go to the yahoo chat room to share my experience and may be find a viable solution. I am kind of stuck. I am unsure Google chat rooms can help with Yahoo issues. May just try anything at this point.


Anwar Abid Sat Mar 15 at 09:43 PM

please bring back yahoo chat rooms,yahoo is useless without public chat room.i ve discontinued yahoo coz of stop the public chat rooms.


kuldeep Sun Mar 2 at 12:37 PM

On the behalf of all yahoo lovers, yahoo fans,yahoo users I Kuldeep Singh request to the Yahoo Owners to Bring back yahoo public chat rooms for Yahoo buddies.Because when yahoo chat rooms is on Yahoo will Never alone because the millions and millions Fans Always In side in the chat rooms. WE WANT OUR GOOD TIME BACK THAT'S THE BUT TOM LINE FROM KULDEEP SINGH .


kuldeep Sun Mar 2 at 11:51 AM

hmm Well u Know guys Marissa is unlucky for yahoo as CEO .When she started job in yahoo as CEO yahoo goes down and down yahoo lose their goodwill yahoo left their millions and millions of fan .And now yahoo got nothing than a big name Yahoooooooooooo and Company CEO Marissa Mayer"s . i though Marissa is noting more than a big time loser and a big time lair . she promise that she will bring yahoo public chat rooms back but when ? I don"t think that yahoo have to shut down their public chat rooms yea their is some bad things going on yahoo chat rooms but it doesent matter that u shut down public chat rooms becuse of some stupid people doing bad thing on yahoo chat rooms .There is always Way to solve the problem .U Disappoint millions and millions yahoo fans because of some bad people arrive yahoo chat room . I am also a Super fan of yahoo chat rooms I was spend Daily near about 4 to 8 hour on yahoo chat rooms but now i hardly open my yahoo messenger because there is nothing for me now because of u Marissa. finally If u are not able to solve this problem on up coming August 2014 So u must left u job may be yahoo wants u as their CEO but we yahoo lovers , fans don't want u yahoo CEO Any more . Because We only Lose When WE got u AS yahoo CEO .HERE THE BOTTOM LINE FROM KULDEEP SINGH YAHOO SUCKS BECAUSE OF Marissa


Yahoo! Tue Feb 18 at 03:35 PM

YAHOO! like chat rooms on ... http://bigromu.com/yahoo .... you dont need any password, just your Yahoo ID and you can chat with other people there on yahoo.


kamal Sat Jan 25 at 11:58 AM

when run again yahoo chat room


PK Fri Nov 29 at 04:57 AM

The chatrooms were a great place, where you could talk to people (genuine people, some of us went beyond yahoo and found each other and are still friends) about gardening and parenting (I've had people help me out in my darkest hours on yahoo!) being able to chat with a complete stranger was a gift! And yahoo you ought to give it back to us.


David Corson Tue Nov 26 at 07:48 AM

Marissa, you need to bring back the Yahoo chat rooms!!! This is where you were making your dollars!!! I loved the Yahoo chat rooms!!! Yes, there were SCUM BAGS on there trying to make it bad. But a majority of the chatters were really cool people. It was fun. BRING BACK CHAT ROOMS TO YAHOO!!!


anna Wed Nov 13 at 06:58 AM

please bring back plubic chat its all I have nothing to do now ,,,,,, nothing to look forward to,


Ray Tue Oct 1 at 07:07 AM

Yahoo is dumb for shutting down.IT was a place for my crew to hang out at.We grew fast as a group.The mics made it possible to have meetings.


grim Sat Sep 28 at 03:42 PM

yahoo chat is sort of back, if you use yahzak and an add on for voice called mumble. to get in the room shut off ssl auth and use login protocol V102 there is only like 5 rooms but its a start


LR Tue Sep 17 at 10:46 AM



meoff Sun Sep 15 at 01:56 PM

What a shorted sited thinking process this is to make the chat rooms pay sites . the bad apples will find ways to access the rooms regardless. And as for the spammers . stolen cards and accounts is how they will get in . Makeing these chat features pay will only encourage more crime.FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS A REACTION


rahul Sat Sep 7 at 02:53 PM

ya offcourse chatroom will start again we r very upset


nipun Sat Sep 7 at 07:23 AM

well, yes yahoo should and must bring back its chats rooms, either free or even with little monthly or yearly paid scheme, which can be easily paid even by the common man, so hope yahoo people will think about it soon, and act immidiately


varun Sat Aug 31 at 12:56 PM

yahoooooooooooo plz come back


Mohamed Thu Aug 29 at 11:45 AM

Please let me chat again


kuldeep singh Sat Aug 24 at 04:15 PM

hmmm as i read u all discussion marissa mayer CEO of the company how can u do this yahoo messenger is a paid service i mean if u do this u just panish those innocent people who just love yahoo messenger chat and meet new people and talk to their friends on yahoo .i know some bad thing happens in the yahoo chat room and some people did this like create their own room bestiality porno advertisement on chat room . u can do those dirty people not the millions and millions people who love chatting on yahoo messenger i must say u Marissa that yahoo already lost millions and millions fans of yahoo and if u make yahoo paid service people hate u and and hate yahoo too . remember yahoo advertisement where the soung is big yahoooooooooooooooo so make it big Marissa yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo and say chat room are back for user i promise. plzzz gave us our good time back Marissa restart chat room as soon as possible . good bless you Marissa


arsal Sat Aug 24 at 03:11 AM

please bring back chat rooms,plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


khushbu Fri Aug 16 at 10:40 PM

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esy Tue Aug 13 at 05:35 PM

plz open public-chat room i love that i am esysss in yahoo massenger add me


kunal Tue Aug 13 at 07:50 AM

hey pls bring back the public chat - iam just dying to use it again - i stopped using yahoo as thier was no public chat room - pls bring back the public chat room n make me smile back


Cj Sun Aug 11 at 11:38 PM

yahoo???? almost forgot the name since dec 2012.


jack Sat Aug 10 at 02:54 PM

hi this is jack.. i am big fan of yahoo messenger public chat room. i request to the authority to bring back public chat room as it is so entertaining and a great time pass for the users. but it should not be the paid like others. it should bring back as it was. thanks.


Zari Cuffs Thu Aug 8 at 12:04 AM

please Yahoo Messenger public chat rooms again i shall be obliged you thank you


djdan3rgs Tue Aug 6 at 11:04 PM

plz open public-chat room


Dan Sun Jul 21 at 07:46 AM

People need to realize " Don't fix anything thats not broke" the problem is they do and mess stuff up. I've been with yahoo for 20 years. Don't mess with mail and don't mess with chat rooms...bring them back please.


isay Tue Jul 16 at 07:45 AM

I would NEVER pay to talk to anyone..and btw, your comment on credit card users...the bad ones, was simply ignorant and offensive.


Roma Davenport Fri Jul 5 at 06:07 PM

Marissa Mayer,You have screwed up Yahoo so far,people are switching to Gmail & GMX everywhere,yahoo mail sucks Bring bk Chatrooms.


Natasha Bergeran Fri Jul 5 at 06:04 PM

Yahoo is another crummy mail site withoutChatRooms. Please bring them back sooooon. Thanks


JuLia GarLand Fri Jul 5 at 06:01 PM

Please Bring Back Yahoo ChatRooms ! My friends & I miss it..


Mariss Granger Fri Jul 5 at 05:59 PM

My freinds & I used to chat on yahoo often & we miss it so much. About damn paedphiles & riff-raffs : if people demand to see n Camho IMs them,it will reduce the risk of being Duped.


Marissa Granger Fri Jul 5 at 05:54 PM

My fri & I used tihat on yahoo always & we miss it so much. About paedphiles : if people demand to see the person who IMs them on Cam it will reduce the chances of them being dupedby morons & nasty men.


seema Sun Jun 30 at 05:43 AM

go to hell yahoo..as if we care ..nobody is using yahoo services anymore..if u dont know to keep your customers happy then i doubt marissa meyer credibility..she will shut down yahoo..i am happy with paltalk..paltalk rocks


Shamsundar Thu Jun 27 at 12:06 PM

please bring yahoo chat rooms back ....


faheem Sun Jun 23 at 10:07 PM

please Yahoo Messenger public chat rooms connect again i shall be obliged you thank you


Simon Thu Jun 20 at 04:50 PM

Why ask for Yahoo chat rooms to be brought back? They cancelled their service a long time ago and cut a lot of people off, why bother to give them the pleasure of begging! There are loads of better chat rooms out there. Just Google "Chat Rooms" and you have thousands to choose from. Yahoo cut us all off so they can stay closed as far as I am concerned, they messed up in the first place, let this giant of a company rot and give the rest a chance!

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