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Expect 'wearable' passwords for your gadgets soon

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PassBam, a start-up company is offering this as an alternative to memorizing complicated passwords and biometric devices, tech site Mashable reported.

The company recently showed off a wristband that can unlock a phone or tablet when the wearer makes a simple gesture in the air.

It also showed off tools that can allow third-party developers integrate PassBan's technology into their apps.

Alikhani said the wristband will be available soon, likely for less than $20. He said such sensors may eventually be embedded in watches or other portable or wearable items.

Mashable noted more than half of cellphone users in the U.S. also own smartphones, and many apps keep users perpetually logged in, effectively bypassing usual security controls.

Yet they place so much data in such mobile devices that the loss can be devastating if the device is stolen or lost.

Android app

Last February, PassBan released a free Android app called Passboard that allowed a user to secure individual apps on a smartphone with a dozen verification techniques, including identifying voice, face, location, or a specific gesture.

"For those with a wristband, it can be set up to authenticate you with a shake or tap on the wristband, or with just your proximity to your smartphone. Whichever method you choose, it must be registered and transmitted via Bluetooth to your handset to unlock an app," Mashable said.

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