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Of cannibal cop and weird Google searches

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Google gives more than what you want. Have you come across any bizarre searches? Let us know

BANGALORE, INDIA: "How to cook a girl" and "Human meat recipes" were some of the things the cannibal cop, Gilberto Valle, 28, Googled on his laptop. Unsurprisingly, he got some answers too.

So, Google has results for everything under the sun. One cannibalism website allegedly visited by Valle promised customers they would "only receive the highest quality human beef." 

Valle faces life in prison if convicted on the kidnap conspiracy charge. His lawyers, according a news agency, say Valle is nothing more than a sexual fantasist with bizarre, even horrible, but harmless proclivities shared by many men on specialist websites.

No women were harmed by Valle, who used the websites to discuss cannibalism of young women, including his now estranged wife, with other men.

That is weird for anyone. In fact, Google does have bizarre stuff and throws up much more than what you expect. Here are a few auto searches of Google-- some expected, some weird, but they are all there.

1. So, do people eat babies?


2. What happens....



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