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Delhi start-up launches platform for creative people

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Platform allows artists and admirers to virtually interact and appreciate the work of talent in best possible manner

BANGALORE, INDIA: Imagine yourself in a virtual world where you can share your creativity, get appreciated, give feedback and help improve and in the longer run monetize your creativity.

Well Touchtalent, a start-up from IIT Delhi is out to make that possible. Ideated in the year 2011 by few enterprising students, Touchtalent allows artists and admirers to virtually interact and appreciate the work of talent in best possible manner.

According to a release, the categories at Touchtalent includes Animation, Calligraphy, Comics, Craft, Design, Digital Art, Fashion, Graffiti, Literature, Music, Painting, Photography, Poetry, Singing, Sculpting etc.

This month touchtalent has taken a step forward to launch its creative shop where any artist can sell his artwork to an interested buyer anywhere in the world, added the release.

Ankit Prasad, CEO, Touchtalent said: "Imagine a small girl of seventh standard from a remote place near Lucknow getting thousand of views from across the world or an 83 year old painter from France getting appreciated in India. That's the kind of potential Touchtalent holds for creative people."

"Through this platform, we not only facilitate creativity among the young minds but also help the budding artists to get paid for their creative work. We were amazed to see artists from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka competing neck to neck with the artists in the rest of the world," added Prasad.

Touch Talent is surely open for the global and the international market as Art surely requires a new awakening and requires a better re positioning in the world today said prasad and further added, we are making our sincere effort towards promoting Art and Artists at different platforms.

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