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Twitter shortens Tweet URL characters to 117

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Are 117 characters enough for tweets? Let us know

BANGALORE, INDIA: If you are tweeting a URL, you will now have to do it in 117 characters.

Any tweet sent with a URL will be reduced to 117 characters for https links

Micro blogging platform Twitter has asked its members to use fewer characters to express themselves. Earlier, including a web link cut the number of characters available in tweet was 140.

Now when Twitter members want to share a URL it has to be within  117 chracters. If the website being linked to uses the more secure "https" protocol, there are now only 117 characters, where previously there were 119, the Telegraph reports. The change was announced to web developers in December, but has been implemented now.

When you post a link, Twitter automatically "wraps" it in another link beginning t.co.

According to Twitter this process allows it to protect the service from malicious websites that might spread computer viruses.

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