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Five hot technology trends for India in 2013

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India is seeing great advancements in the tech arena. So, what lies ahead?

"Start-ups will consolidate or die in the emerging Asian tech strongholds of China and India as the strong get stronger and the weak get weaker. The result will be more concentration of breakthrough products from fewer players and more pressure on start-ups to scale up quickly with a distinct advantage or get swallowed up."


Social media gathered steam and volume, and was accessed mainly on mobile devices in 2012, points out Prasanto K. Roy, editorial advisor of Cybermedia, on the growing adoption of the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

"In fact, it was the primary driver for mobile internet traffic overtaking PC-based internet traffic in India this year, ahead of the world. 2013 will be the turning point in corporate use of social media, with an explosion of companies (or divisions of ad agencies and PR firms etc) offering their services," he asserts.

The past couple of years have seen a significant number of acquisition by major firms, all indicating to the global acceptance of social media as a mainstream channel, a trend which is likely to continue through the next year, feels Sanket Akerkar, managing director, Microsoft Corp India.


In 2012 itself, there were a lot of talks about big data and cloud. It is just going to get better from now on, says Rajesh Janey, president at EMC India & SAARC.

"CIOs are at the center of value creation with technologies like big data and cloud fueling the evolution. These trends will change the profile and makeup of IT staff along with skills (in 2013) and new roles will emerge to take on this new digital era," he elaborates.

Akerkar observes that 2013 will see the initial excitement around big data/analytics mature and give birth to the business opportunity of 'strategic big data', marking a shift from a focus on individual projects to an influence on enterprises' strategic information.

In 2013, according to Verizon, there will be a significant shift from VPNs to public, private and hybrid clouds.


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