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e-Touch Pen can convert your Windows PC into touch screen

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When most PC/laptop users are still wondering how to make the best use of the recently launched Microsoft Windows 8 operating system, Bangalore-based Jeswill Hi-tech solutions has come out with an innovative "e-Touch Pen" that can convert non-touch based PC or laptop into a touch-screen device.

The device is designed keeping in mind Windows 8 with non-touch devices as new Microsoft operating system provides ultimate user experience on touch devices. But the e-Touch pen can be used on any PC running on Windows 7 also.

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While the cost difference between a touch screen PC and non-touch PC is more than Rs 10,000 in market, the new i-Touch pen can bridge that price gap as it is priced around Rs 4,000. The device will hit market at select retailers and through online sales.

The "e-Touch Pen" is based on ultrasound Infrared technology. The components include a cordless electronic pen, detachable base unit with a USB cable connection to PC.

The e-Touch Pen can work on maximum screen size of 17 inches, with resolution of 100 DPI and accuracy of 0.2 mm, says Sylvester P. Moorthy, chairman of Hi-tech Solutions, who adds that this the first-ever such product designed keeping in mind the Windows 8.

Moorthy explains that the users can write on screen, draw, edit pictures and much more using the e-Touch pen. The cordless pen carries FCC and CE certifications, uses ultrasound IR technologies and does not require drivers for installations.

There are 650 million Windows 7 users awaiting upgrade to Windows 8 while 60 million have already migrated. The majority of these users have non-touch screen based system. "Our new product will address this requirement," Moorthy adds.

Jeswill Hi-tech Solutions also has innovative products like e-Dairy and e-Write mate which can instantly transfer hand written notes to PC or mobile via Bluetooth.

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Nandini Argade Sun Apr 7 at 03:58 PM

Where from I buy this e pain?


Damodaran Fri Mar 22 at 06:51 PM

Dear all, i want to buy E-Pen..

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