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Send Christmas eCards for free from these sites

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Courtesy: Bluemountain.com

Here are some great online options to greet your friends and family

BANGALORE, INDIA: It is time to ring in the yuletide spirit at your homes and spread the cheer among your near and dear ones, too.

But, not everyone might be able to physically greet kith and kin during Christmas festivities. So, what is the next best solution?

Go online. If you are worried that you might have to shell out from your pocket a lot to send eGreetings or eCards, as they are popularly known, fret not. There are so many places in the cyberspace that offer free options to send cards, especially for Christmas and New Year.

Here are some of the websites, among many other good ones, that let you send free eCards to family and friends.

Jibjab is an amazing option, if you want something funny and not just the traditional, boring stuff. Here, you can add pictures of your friends or other people in the hollow facial frames of some figures.

So, instead of the South Korean K-pop sensation, Psy, you can use the face of a friend, who used to bug you a lot in school or college and even view a mock video of the popular Gangnam Style song sequence.

On 123greetings.com, there is an exclusive section for Christmas, apart from New Year and other upcoming festivals. It also offers an extensive range of eCards to choose from.

Another such site, Bluemountain, even has talking cards that carry a recorded message or tunes to the intended recepient.

Under three sections - Traditional, Funny and Religious - egreetings.com has great many options. Since you can customize the message on most of these sites, it makes it a complete personalized experience.

Likewise, the speciality of Jimpix is that it lets one to send animated (Flash) eCards, which are funny, thought-provoking and creative as well.

How do you like the concept?

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