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Now, replace your Facebook profile pic with QR code

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Users can generate their QR code identity from their WeChat account

BANGALORE, INDIA: Gone are the days for users to update their photo to favorite social networking websites. As technology evolves and when it joins hands with innovation, an identity of a person can be replaced with new codes.

Yes, we are talking about a new feature that has come up on one of the leading communication apps, WeChat, which allows users to create their own Quick Response (QR) code identity and share the same with friends via WeChat, Facebook and email.

The new feature from WeChat allows users to generate their unique QR code identity from their WeChat account on their Android, iPhone, and Windows handsets.

"At WeChat, we believe in offering our users innovative and fun ways to connect with the world. The concept of personal customized QR codes has found huge popularity globally," said Dennis Hau, Head of International Product Center, Tencent International Business Group.

QR codes provide a unique identity to users, along with a non-intrusive form of connecting in the social media space, feels Hau.

WeChat users are going one step ahead, by making their own QR code as their Facebook profile picture, said Hau and further added, this new way to connect is fun and hassle-free without any need to exchange pins, numbers, IDs or run exhaustive search - all you need to do is, scan the QR code, make connections and win.

Staying a step ahead of the industry developments, WeChat has carved a niche for itself as one of the flag-bearers in revolutionizing the digital space with the use of distinctive personalized QR codes.

The customized personal QR code generated for every WeChat user provides a unique innovative identity to the users, along with an opportunity for brands to reach out to their customers.

The company claims that the new app has become very popular in India within a short span of time and will continue to offer new, exciting ways of engagement to its users.

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Manas Tue Dec 11 at 08:29 PM

How to generate this code for my Facebook page?


Rakesh Tue Dec 11 at 07:03 PM

Looks like an innovative feature! Let me try out...

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