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Best Android phablets for all budgets in India

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Let us take a look at the features and price-point of some of the best phablets available in the Indian market

The new term that is buzzing the entire tech industry is phablet. They say, ''phablets are the next smartphone''. Well, the confusion might has hit your mind already because of the inclusion of the word 'phablets' in the title. What is a phablet? Nothing! Just mix up with the words Phone and Tablet; you will get the result as phablet (some may call it Fhablet). Phablet is a device which has the screen size ranging from 5 to 7 inches. Some call it a hybrid denouement of both generation devices, which will take over the entire world to ransom in next few years. In simple words, Size of Phone < Size of phablet < Size of Tablet. However, choosing the best phablet out of the crowd, is not an easy task. So here is the list of best phablets in India.

High-price Android phablets

LG Optimus Vu: With the screen size of 5 inch and a bunch of amazing features, this one, from the house of LG, is shining at the very first place. Powerful 1.5 GHz quad core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich version speak about the reason of being this phablet at the top. With good display quality and lightweight, it surely tops on the wish list of many. 8 MP camera is quite enough to attract the photography freaks to try their hands on it.

Oh, Yes! 50GB free cloud service, that you get with LG Optimus Vu, is an extra plus point. It's klutzy 4:3 aspect ratio makes it squarish and looks somewhat ugly. Even, the cosmetics are nothing to boast about for LG. The plasticky body ensures that you will not fall in love at first sight. However, keeping all criticism aside, the LG Optimus Vu is definitely the powerful device that comes with a nice price tag. It is selling like a hot cake in Korea, which has forced them to release its successor in Optimus Vu 2.

Having known Indian crowds well, one can say that LG may not be able to repeat the same success by the likes of Galaxy Note, but that doesn't make it less enticing. It is just that Indian crowd like to cling to their favorite brand more often (probably, this is the reason why Nokia has still survived in the Indian market). Indians are known as the most loyal customers, and if LG manages to win their heart, there will be no looking for them in next few years. It is currently available online at around Rs.29,499.


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