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Data integration fastest growing enterprise software market

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How is technology evolving to provide enterprises with actionable data?

CIOL: What are the sectors that will see growth for data driven solutions in the time to come?

MB: You can't probably think of any sector today which is not information centric anymore. If we look at the volume of data, healthcare is certainly the fastest growing area; user wise it is public sector, banking and retail; and if we look at the devices growth, telecom and manufacturing are going to be the most interesting segments to watch.

If we look from our solutions perspective, it is the financial services including banking, insurance and capital markets, which is definitely a high growth area for us, as we have compelling solutions in this area that can move data very quickly and reliably. Next is public sector including healthcare and defence. The human services make it more information centric and one of the high growth segment for data centric solutions. Retail is another area, where we see a lot of growth for real time offer management.

CIOL: Do you see growth in the midmarket segment as well? How do you design your midmarket product portfolio?

MB: For our enterprise class technology and solutions, we enjoy about 35 percent market share in the enterprise segment and going forward, we see an addressable market for data integration in the midmarket segment as well.

We are designing our product portfolio to suit the requirements of small and medium sized businesses with limited resources. We have introduced PowerCenter Express - tailored to the specific needs of small departmental projects and mid-market businesses. This is an easy-to-use downloadable product that can compete with open source data integration offerings. We have also added cloud editions in our midmarket portfolio which will suit the small business requirements.

We have an aggressive penetration strategy for midmarket in the US, China and India, where we have started expanding our channels for these products. All our products in the midmarket portfolio will be available through subscription based pricing and will be made available in India next year through our distribution network.

CIOL: Where would you like to place India in your growth trajectory globally?

MB: We see India pioneering a lot of innovations in the core technology development space which will shape the solutions market further. As India is our largest R&D as well as core product development centre, it will continue to play a key role in the development of some of our important products and solutions.

A lot of customization and improvisation in the vertical solutions segment will be coming from the SIs based in India. Vertical wise, we consider this region as one of our key centre of growth for telecom, as a majority of the telecom services providers are based in South East Asia and India. Retail is another area, where we will see India building some interesting solutions from scratch.


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