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Data integration fastest growing enterprise software market

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How is technology evolving to provide enterprises with actionable data?

BANGALORE, INDIA: Data is looked upon as a business tool these days- the reason we see business people are increasingly taking control of the data in the enterprises and investing more on data centric tools to power up the business process.

Margaret Breya, executive VP and CMO, Informatica Business Solutions Pvt Ltd reveals how technology is evolving to provide enterprises with actionable data. Excerpts:

CIOL: How important are data integration capabilities from an organization's perspective?

Margaret Breya: Data management is not just about handling the transactional information or the data lying in the backend system any more. Data is no longer confined within the four walls of organizations and  hence, applying a mechanism to combine the data residing in different sources and providing a unified view is crucial to drive business decisions and operations.

Enterprise data architecture and data flow are also changing drastically with the arrival of cloud, social, mobile. Therefore, cleaning up the massive volume of data coming from disparate sources and make it of decision quality, is a challenge that most of the businesses are facing today.

CIOs in the organizations need to be more nimble to meet this challenge. Be it building the information architecture to meet the real time data services requirements of the business or enabling a single of the customers to improve the decision making process- CIOs are now needed to to act as business advisory and help businesses select the right data management solutions.

CIOL: What are the key technology trends that will shape up the data integration solutions market further?

MB: Data integration is one of the fastest growing enterprise software markets - it is growing faster than security and virtualization and that's quite a stunner. A lot of developments in this market will be seen further around Big Data, machine data and the Internet of Things.

We see a huge upside in the adoption of embeddable data management engine for applications and devices. The addressable market is huge comprising 52 thousand large enterprises and 60 million medium and small enterprises. The opportunity is quite massive in the devices space, if you take into account the prediction of 50 billion connected devices by the year 2020.

We hope to scale up this opportunity with our partners. We will continue to invest in our developer programmes to help developers build custom made applications to meet specific customer requirements across different verticals. Besides corporate and individual developers, we are focusing a lot on ISVs and will make a more robust offering available them in the next six months' time.



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