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Cloud computing sparks “Warranty on Demand”

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The addition of warranty management solutions to the cloud is set to change the way warranty services are being offered

BANGALORE, INDIA: The cloud technology has been around for some time now, yet it seems that its true potential is yet to be harnessed. Cloud has changed the ownership model, providing flexibility to manage, host and execute.

Over the years we have seen several industries adopt cloud to leverage its benefits. Be it cost reduction, hassle-free maintenance, unlimited storage capacity (literally), automatic software integration, flexibility, quick deployment, etc. or the fact that the entire world is embracing it, cloud is unquestionably the way forward.

On-premises solutions come with challenges such as higher cost, maintenance hassles, trained staff, licensing and upgrades. These challenges have been successfully addressed by adopting cloud computing. Companies have been adopting various services offered on cloud ranging from CRM to ERP services.

The recent addition of warranty management solutions to the cloud spectrum is set to significantly change the way warranty services are being offered. It makes strategic business sense in shifting from offering warranty as an on-premises solution to a cloud based one.

Warranty, introduced as a tool to attract customers, has now become imperative to ensure customer satisfaction. A well-managed warranty lifecycle not only improves customer satisfaction, but also results in reduced warranty costs, increased supplier recovery, enhanced forecasting accuracy, cross-functional integration, automatic processing and settlement of claims and accurate supplier quality analysis.

Warranty on cloud offers significant benefits such as quick setup without IT support and 24x7 availability. It offers significant cost advantages. Cloud based warranty solutions are ‘pay-per-user' or ‘pay-per-claim'. To add to the savings, there is flexibility to choose and pay only for the modules required. Solutions based on cloud are quickly scalable with minimum IT investment. Users take advantage of the continuous product upgrades and enhancements.

While cloud technologies offer significant benefits, they pose challenges of customization, data security and integrity. With information security management processes getting stringent across industries, the advantages of using cloud based warranty solutions out-weigh an on-premises one in cases where the organizations don't have the infrastructure and the resources required to deploy and maintain the solution.

Listed below are the benefits of using Tavant cloud based warranty solutions:12

With most warranty management solution providers keeping away from cloud, the early adopters are sure to change the dynamics of service lifecycle management and product pricing strategies.

Vibhor Mishra is director, marketing, Tavant Technologies


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