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10 social media marketing tips for small businesses

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LOS ANGELES, USA: Social Media Marketing requires time, resources and expertise.

The benefits of effective social media are tangible... consistent online exposure, increased website traffic, sharing of knowledge, better lead generation, improved search ranking (SEO), increased brand awareness, direct customer feedback and service, and engagement with customers.

"oGoing is helping many small businesses build their social media presence, promote and share their products and services, generate warm leads, and attract new customers," said Sanjay Dalal, founder / CEO of oGoing.

"Social media is not a one shot approach though, and it takes patience, persistence and passion to realize some of these benefits," he added.

Dalal presents 10 social media marketing tips for small business:

1. Create a social media plan
Many owners think social media means creating a new account and sharing couple of updates... Worse yet, they do the same thing on multiple social media channels and expect the same results. "If you build it, they will come!" Not quite. Social media is not a field of dreams on auto-pilot. When owners don't get any traction, they give up quickly thinking that social media doesn't work. The reality is that they did not establish a real plan.

2. Outline specific goals
What are the specific measurable goals after three, six or nine months using social media? For instance, by using social media, would the business create 50 new connections resulting in 20 prospects and 10 leads? Can social media help generate 100 new visitors to the company's website? These are just a few examples of specific goals marketers and leaders could establish to measure the impact of their social media efforts.

3. Identify the stakeholders
Who will be doing social media for the business? This is an important question. Many a times, the owner does social media himself or herself (this can get pretty expensive since owners are now taking time away from their work), or asks a family member. Some businesses are hiring interns or consultants to do social media. If social media can deliver the results versus the aforementioned goals, the business can make an informed investment in hiring additional resources for social media.

4. Allocate weekly time for social media
Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to social media. Time and frequency of posting updates is crucial. Keeping an eye on trends and alerts relevant to your business, and seeing what your customers are doing and saying matters. Interacting regularly and having conversations with your customers is necessary. Rule of thumb: Allocate at least two hours a week per social media channel!

5. Start with one or two social media channels
Each channel takes time to manage. Each channel takes time to fruition. When a business starts with too many channels at once, they are not able to engage effectively with potential customers on any channel. Social media marketing requires strategy, focus and execution. If a company wants to engage with thousands of small business service providers, owners and entrepreneurs, promote their products and services, and attract new customers, oGoing is a great small business social network.


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Dev Digital Thu Jul 4 at 02:11 PM

Nice post, thanks for sharing so useful tips on social media marketing. I glad to found this blog and read this so interesting article.


Andrea Thu Jul 4 at 06:55 AM

This is true there are lots of people who do a lot of mistakes when it comes to their social media marketing. First you need to plan and target the audience you want. Do not rely on scheduling tweets alone, you must really engage in social media, like follow back, reply to private messages etc. Use atleast oce a week to do this. You will even get notifications on email when there are new followers or private messages this is a great way to respond immediately

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