The Mystery of ERP Failures

Pratima H INDIA: When Avon pulls the plug on a multi-million dollar ERP project, when Pennsylvania

Intel takes a quantum leap

MUMBAI, INDIA: In what can be termed as a move that will position one of the world’s largest processor manufacturers in the niche league, Intel has announced investments to the tune of $50 million in quantum computing. Intel said that

AWS strengthens software-defined video offering with Elemental acquisition

SEATTLE: Amazon Web Services (AWS), an Amazon company, has reached an agreement to acquire Elemental Technologies, a provider of software-defined video solutions for multi-screen content delivery. The acquisition brings together Elemental’s video solutions with the AWS cloud platform, and the

Printing market dying? Well, not yet!

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In recent years with the boom of new advanced technologies, we assumed printing technology has taken a setback which does not hold true. Although, the requirements and the ways to use the conventional technology has changed, printing still is remains

Currency fluctuation and China slowdown will impact the IT services industry: NASSCOM

MUMBAI, INDIA: After Finance Minister Arun Jaitley admitted that the Chinese slowdown will impact global economy, software body NASSCOM reiterated that the impact will be felt on the Indian IT services providers as well. R Chandrasekar, President, NASSCOM, asserted that

3 ways artificial intelligence can improve efficiency

TOKYO: Hitachi has developed artificial intelligence (AI) technology which provides appropriate work orders. The intelligence is gathered based on an understanding of demand fluctuation and on-site kaizen activity derived from big data accumulated daily in corporate business systems. Following are

8 IT tools that can benefit teachers

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Guru Brahma Gurur Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwaraha Guru Saakshat Para Brahma Tasmai Sree Gurudev Namaha Meaning: The Guru is verily the representative Of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. He creates, sustains knowledge and destroys the weeds of ignorance. I salute such

Nokia demos 5G readiness; launches security solutions to protect SS7 protocol

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Nokia Networks has unveiled a programmable 5G architecture that overcomes the rigidity of legacy networks. The architecture automatically adapts radio access and core network resources to meet the needs of different services, traffic variations over time and

Maharashtra penning a start-up policy

MUMBAI, INDIA: In a bid to attract incubation units in the state, the Maharashtra government is planning to pen a start-up policy. The policy is also aimed at boosting the entrepreneurship and innovation in the manufacturing and It-ITeS segments. The

Wipro dons the Chelsea Jersey

MUMBAI, INDIA: Chelsea Football Club, one of the reigning champions of the English Premier League, has signed up Wipro as its digital transformation partner. According to a release posted on the Chelsea website, the Club said that it will work

Padmasree Warrior in race for Twitter CEO post

MUMBAI, INDIA: Will Padmasree Warrior, former CTO, Cisco Systems, be the new CEO at Twitter? Well, if the grapevine is to be believed Warrior is pegged to be one of the most likely among the candidates to be chosen for

Data Haystacks, Insight Needle and the Magnet of Visualization

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BANGALORE, INDIA: 100MB of data, need for a single version of truth and sharp forecasting needs. Sandip Saha, Director Market Intelligence, Bridgei2i shares some hands-on nuggets on how apt visualization can completely redefine analytics and the way it is distilled,

India rooting for its own root server

MUMBAI, INDIA: India home to 52 million Internet users as of June 30, 2015, is now rooting for its own root server. Presently, there are only 13 such servers of which 10 are in the US, two in Europe and

Is the Vodafone CIO joining GE?

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Vodafone India CIO, Anthony Thomas is reportedly joining General Electric (GE) as the India CIO, said a report by Onmanorama. Thomas who led several key initiatives for Vodafone’s India businesses will be serving the company till September 15.

Olympics, Manchester United set digital transformation goal

MUMBAI, INDIA: Two of the world’s most loved games, the Olympics and soccer have undertaken a digital transformation journey. After all, the sporting community is all about communicating with fans! Canopy – the Atos cloud – provides secure cloud IT

Gemalto and Samsung launch Samsung Pay in Europe

AMSTERDAM, INDIA: Gemalto joins forces with Samsung to accelerate the deployment of Samsung Pay through Gemalto’s Allynis Trusted Service Hub (TSH). Samsung Pay is a simple and secure mobile payment service that will provide wider acceptance with NFC and MST

Factors that can hinder payment banks

TM Praveen MUMBAI, INDIA: Payments banks are companies licensed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) with the goal of bridging the services gap between customers of traditional banks and the unbanked and under-banked citizens of India, many of whom

Twitter makes advertising easy for SMBs

BANGALORE, INDIA: Twitter has launched the self-service advertising platform to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in India. Twitter has expanded the platform reach of Twitter Ads globally from 33 countries to over 200 countries and territories. Now, SMBs from India

Wingify brings notCRUD to curate Indian innovations

NEW DELHI, INDIA: Wingify has announced the launch of notCRUD, to showcase the best of Indian product, technology and design thinking. The initiative aims to bring Indian product talent together to build amazing products out of India and showcase the

How Perth Airport reduced passenger processing cost by 25 percent

MUMBAI, INDIA: Perth Airport using cloud-based technology to benefit customers and drive cost savings. With the new technology, the airport has overhauled its check-in system by using Amadeus Airport Common Use Service (ACUS). ACUS will improve the customer experience through