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Pratima H INDIA: Ad-free Super Bowl, Instant Pickles, A Lazy Super-Man, Bespoke Spouses, Untangled Wires, Shallow

Why buying Ola makes sense for RJio

Faisal Kawoosa RJio is not just gearing up to project itself as another telecom operator in the market. It is rather reinforcing itself as the hub of the Indian digital and connected economy. It is certainly taking the centre stage

4 security challenges smart cities set to face

Anshuman Singh Smart cities principally depend upon information and communication technologies (ICT) to provide public services. Wherever valid, Internet of Things (IoT) enabled sensors, cloud computing, virtualisation and machine to machine (M2M) integration keep the cities’ ‘smart’ applications running. The objective

Awareness on OS and UI is pretty low among Android users in India

BANGALORE, INDIA: It is interesting to note that 72% of Android smartphone buyers did not receive an update to the latest Android OS or its latest features at the time of purchase in CY 2015. 64% of Android smartphones shipped

A winter wear line designed with NASA inspired tech!

USA: Bringing the space age technology to winter wear, Oros (previously called Lukla) has designed a new line of winter wear incorporating its proprietary formulation of the spacesuit insulator. The winter wear utilizes SolarCore aerogel as insulation which  make it

Wristbands and other wearables should keep an eye on smartwatches

MUMBAI, INDIA: “From 2015 through 2017, smartwatch adoption will have 48 per cent growth largely due to Apple popularizing wearables as a lifestyle trend. Smartwatches have the greatest revenue potential among all wearables through 2019, reaching $17.5 billion,” augurs Angela McIntyre,

Should SMBs in India be wary of Trojan-emails?

MUMBAI, INDIA: Attackers have been spreading two families of remote access Trojans (RATs) to small businesses in India, the UK, and US since the start of 2015. The attackers have been targeting employees responsible for accounts and fund transfers in order

How high can spectrum prices be?

INDIA:  Spectrum’s greatest value does not come from high sales prices, but rather from its use to expand social and economic opportunity for all India’s citizens. In 2014 alone, the mobile industry contributed 6.1 per cent to India’s GDP3, John

Cloud Email, on its way

MUMBAI, INDIA: A recent study by Gartner finds that 8.5 per cent of public companies in a sample use cloud email from Microsoft’s Office 365 service, while 4.7 per cent use Google Apps for Work. The remaining 87 per cent

DIY is out, Ecosystem is in

INDIA: Digital disruption continues for global brands, government entities and other organizations in 2016. It will challenge every aspect of business, across all sectors, and if organizations are to make the most of the potential of the digital world, they

Saying Skadoosh to Vendor Lock-In

By Naveen Gurusiddaiah INDIA: The popularity of open source has been spreading like wild fire in the corporate world. The ‘free’ nature of open source helps enterprises to build their system at a lower cost. Though open source makes good economic

Office 365 enterprise plan integrates analytics, collaboration capabilities

BANGALORE, INDIA: Microsoft has announced the availability of new analytics, security and collaboration capabilities in Office 365 enterprise plan E5. Priced at $35 per user per month, the new Office 365 E5 plan is designed to modernize voice, video, and

CSS Corp using Video Conf for cutting travel, aiding reviews

NEW DELHI, INDIA: CSS Corp has selected Avaya Scopia video conferencing capabilities to enhance its collaboration portfolio. CSS Corp, a technology support company supporting enterprise and consumer products & managing IT infrastructure, has deployed Avaya’s video conferencing solutions globally. The solutions

Lots of CDOs, and lots of hurdles

MUMBAI, INDIA: Gartner is predicting that 90 per cent of large companies will have a CDO role by the end of 2019. Why? The race to drive competitive advantage and improved efficiency through better use of information assets is leading

Myntra reduces discounts, targets $1bn GMV by FY 2017

BANGALORE, INDIA: Online fashion portal, Myntra has clocked $800 million in annualized Gross merchandise volume(GMV) in January 2016. It has also recorded a growth of 70 percent YoY in 2015. Sales volumes for the month were propelled by the growth

Not the Apple of every eye today?

USA: New reports are digetsing a record but also lower-than-expected first quarter kitty for Apple with 74.8 million smartphones, which is 0.4 per cent up from last year. Second-quarter sales are expected to fall towards a first-of-its-kind decline in 13

Why is the smart-home customer not popping the cork?

LOS GATOS, CA: A new report from Argus Insights shows that consumers are overall more frustrated with the applications that dictate, schedule and manage each device than with the actual devices themselves. The Smart Home ecosystem comprises both hardware devices

Digital Culture Shock, from the lens of Accenture

INDIA: An Accenture report highlights how companies can often feel overwhelmed by the pace of technology change, experiencing “digital culture shock” at the prospect of keeping up with the competition. As technology advancements accelerate at an unprecedented rate – dramatically

India, besides China got afflicted on Android side last year

MUMBAI, INDIA:  Android viruses rose sharply and the number of Android viruses exceeded 9.5 million, which is larger than twice the total number in the past three years. Also, in 2015, when compared with 2014’s 2.8 million, the growth rate

Banks and Money-transfer operators may be slipping here

MUMBAI, INDIA: A survey finds that a large majority of respondents (82 per cent) using services currently offered by existing players such as money transfer operators (MTOs) and banks, are dissatisfied and that 83 per cent of respondents in developed