Black Arrow announces 28nm 64Ghash Bitcoin ASIC as low as $1.99/Ghash

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SHENZHEN, CHINA: Black Arrow Ltd has now opened its web-store and are now taking pre-orders for the Prospero Bitcoin Mining Machines and its Bitcoin ASIC codenamed “the Minion”. The first orders are expected to be shipped at the end of February 2014.

Black Arrow has already a proven track record in successfully manufacture bespoke Bitcoin mining hardware at extremely competitive prices using shorter full lifecycle than their competition without compromising the top quality required the highly-competitive niche market.

Black Arrow’s expertise in software engineering, hardware design, manufacture and customer support lead to develop unique solutions addressed to technology savvy clients. Its customized solutions are encompassing the most advanced lithography. The end result is a strong contender for achieving a reliable mining and high revenue backed by reduced costs and with high expectations on the customer satisfaction front.


Black Arrow are actively monitoring the market to remain competitive and are seeking to become a major player in this field. They are currently offering an attractive offer: customers placing orders now will be protected against any price decrease prior delivery on the original price tag by being offered a proportional increase in hashing power at no extra charge. The sales model on the new line is attractive to their first customers who are guaranteed to receive a much improved deal.

The Prospero line includes two types of crypto currencies mining hardware products: Prospero (X-1) targeting individual and Prospero (X-3) targeting the much larger business community (datacenters).

The Prospero (X-1) machine features a compact and stackable design, out of the box functionality, Ethernet connectivity and friendly UI with a performance of 64 Ghash/second.

The Prospero (X-3) machine is designed for high performance mining, is fully rack-able and presents out of the box functionality, ethernet connectivity and friendly UI with a performance of 1300 Ghash/second.

Black Arrow are currently offering a 25 percent discount on all preorders paid in September and October. The sales price (after applying the advertised discount of 25 percent) for a Prospero X-1 is $239 and for Prospero X-3 is $3,999.

At today’s Bitcoin price and network hashing rate, X-1 would return $523 in 15 days and X-3 would return $10631 in 15 days.

Black Arrow will continue its customer reward scheme by offering the owners of the Lancelot mining devices from the previous line, the chance to upgrade to the Prospero line by returning their products in exchange for a further $300 discount.

The Minion ASIC is at the heart of the Prospero mining machines and is built with the performance and the high technical specs expected for Bitcoin mining while guaranteeing the highest efficiency at a lower cost.

The development was delivered by Black Arrow and VeriSilicon, a leading custom silicon solutions and semiconductor IP provider. The Minion will be 1500 times more efficient in Bitcoin mining than today’s fastest video card and it will be capable of scanning 64Ghash every second (roughly equivalent is 416Gflops).

The latest Black Arrow’s ASIC is not a contender for making the being the largest chip on the market. Their engineers are confident that this design ensures highest reliability with a very low risk and lowest power consumption. When these ASICs are combined to work together they are performing better than their competition at a lower cost.

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