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Jayesh Ghatge, Market Principal, ThoughtWorks We are living in truly transformative times as consumer technology grows faster, as evidenced by India’s central government’s expectations to nearly double the number of existing Internet users to 730 million by 2020, due to

What Every Business Should Know About Chatbots

By : Anil Chopra

The latest technology to catch the fancy of a lot of businesses are chatbots—self-learning computer programs designed to have intelligent conversations with humans over the Internet. Several announcements were made recently by leading Indian banks and insurance companies about deploying

How Scientists Let you Cram Terabytes of Data in a 3.5-inch hard drive

By : Anil Chopra

According to Seagate Technologies, if they were to stack up all the storage media that they have produced so far, then it would attain a height of 950 meters. Doesn’t sound like much? How about if we told you that

Cloud is a Key Growth Market for Seagate in India

By : Anil Chopra

While the PC market might have declined, there are lots of new opportunities cropping up, both for hard drives and solid state drives in India. We had a face to face interview with Seagate’s global sales head, BS Teh to

New developments in analytics that enterprises can’t afford to ignore

By : Anil Chopra

What do you trust more for business decisions? Your gut-feel or facts and figures provided by data? If you said the former, then you’re not alone. According to a survey conducted by QlikTech recently, 65% managers said they rely more

How Kotak Mahindra Bank is Surging Ahead on its Digital Journey

By : Anil Chopra

Kotak Mahindra Bank has been in the news for having successfully undertaken several noteworthy digital initiatives, ahead of competition. In a free-wheeling interview with Anil Chopra, Kotak Mahindra Bank’s CDO, Deepak Sharma talks about the bank’s digital transformation initiatives, opportunities,

Does bimodal IT indicate the end of traditional IT?

By : Anil Chopra

NEW DELHI, INDIA: At a recently held conference, Gartner India’s chief, Partha Iyengar highlighted that the future of enterprise IT is bimodal. What it means is that moving forward, organizations will have to split their IT into two parts—mode 1

The future of IT is bimodal: Gartner

By : Anil Chopra

NEW DELHI, INDIA: On one side, IT is not able to respond fast enough to growing business demands, and on the other, organizations are seeing new and unimaginable competition emerge in the new digital era. As a result, organizations are

Smart cities as the ultimate form of digital transformation

By : Anil Chopra

BANGALORE, INDIA: What would it be like to live in a smart city? Cisco has already created a blueprint for it on its own sprawling 2.6 million sq ft. campus in Bengaluru. We explain how such smart cities will integrate